Bring home Mediterranean paradise and true artisanal craftsmanship when you explore our online homewares store. Browse ceramics, pottery, candles and more from the island of Sardinia.

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Bring home Mediterranean paradise and true artisanal craftsmanship with La Sarda Home. Our range of ceramics, pottery, fragrances, and jewellery are handpicked by owner Giuliana straight from the beautiful island of Sardinia.

Sardinia is renowned for its sweeping coastline and clear and pristine waters. Each region you visit in Sardinia is completely different from the next, from coast to coast, Sardinia’s diversity is on display — we guarantee that one trip is not enough to take in all that Sardinia and its people have to offer.


We carry a boutique range of luxury Sardinian homewares, hand-selected from native crafters and available to purchase in our online store. Every piece is designed and created on the island, by local Sardinian artisans, embodying the traditions and history that have been passed down for generations.

La Sarda Home offers a number of bespoke ranges as well as one-of-a-kind pieces, hand-chosen by Giuliana. Each piece she selects is made from high-quality, ethical and sustainable materials sourced from Sardinia and brought over to Australia with the greatest care.

We enjoy our customers who return to La Sarda Home again and again when they need a new piece to finish their home. They, like us, value experiences over things, and can appreciate the craftsmanship and story behind the objects they choose to adorn their rooms.


La Sarda Home was founded by Giuliana Manca, whose Sardinian father raised her in the traditions of the island and instilled in her a passion for her heritage. She has called Australia home for over 20 years, and made the decision to open La Sarda Home in order to bring the culture and hospitality of Sardinia to our shores.

We started La Sarda Home by engaging local artisans and crafters to create one-off pieces for our clients, and recently expanded our range to include a wider range of homewares, jewellery and fragrances.


At La Sarda Home, we are committed to purchasing only ethically-sourced, sustainable and environmentally – friendly products . We source all of our homewares, fragrances and jewellery locally on the island from Sardinian artisans. No matter what you purchase from La Sarda Home, we want to ensure you are taking home a forever piece. That’s our commitment to you.

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