Elevate Your Kitchen With Ceramics

Ceramic homewares are a tradition that is almost as old as humankind. The art of moulding and throwing clay has been passed down from generation to generation and epitomise the history of art. Being both beautiful and functional, ceramics are an elegant way to bring texture to your home and add some unique flare. But with the rise of fast furniture and mass-produced homewares, the art of hand-crafted ceramics is more important than ever.

La Sarda Home’s artisan-made ceramics are hand-crafted in Sardinia and allow this ancient tradition to be shared. Ceramics are made using natural materials such as clay which are then fired in a kiln to create hardened and heat-resistant vessels. But how can you incorporate ceramics into your home?

While ceramics are often used as decoration, the intense heat they are exposed to makes them heat resistant, making them ideal to use throughout the kitchen. From baking dishes to everyday dinnerware, they are the perfect way to add individuality to your home.

Add a designer flare

Your kitchen can be overlooked as a beautiful space in the name of functionality, but the kitchen is the heart of the home, a place the whole family tend to gravitate towards. So why not make it feel as put together as the rest of your home? Ceramic vases are an easy way to add a designer feel to your kitchen bench. The beauty of ceramic vases is they look beautiful and make a statement, with or without florals, which makes them a low-maintenance addition.

Raku is an intricate Japanese technique that creates daring glazing patterns so that each piece will be one-of-a-kind. Our Monochrome Raku Vase uses a bold contrast to make a statement, but its neutral colour scheme ensures it will fit into any home.

Add some magic to your morning routine

Drinkware can be an affordable way to dip your toes into ceramic dishware throughout your kitchen. Tea has a long-standing history among many cultures, and ceramic tea sets have been at the centre of these traditional ceremonies for thousands of years. But in modern society, they are the perfect accompaniment to any hostess’s kit and can add a bit of magic to your morning routine.

A modern twist on china

We have all had a set of serving dishes or dishware that we never use because they are only for special occasions. But as we accumulate more and more clutter, these dinner sets seem to be some of the first things on the chopping block. But why not make every day feel a bit more special by investing in some nice quality dishware, that is hard-wearing for everyday use but still looks beautiful for your next table-scape? Ceramic dishware will add unmatched texture to your table while still being suitable for every day. These Bon Bon Bowls are perfect serving dishes but can get daily use for your evening meal.

However you choose to incorporate ceramics into your home, La Sarda Home has a premium selection of artisan-made homewares made in Sardinia. Shop online today, or browse our social media for up-to-date inspiration.