Meet Our Artists

Marina Ferraro – Sardinian Artisan Jewellers, Alghero Sardinia

In the 1960’s Marina’s Father Nicola Ferraro opened his business as a coral jeweller in Alghero Sardinia.

In 1972 he decided to take a leap of faith and opened his first boutique store in Via Lido, he created unique handcrafted jewels from raw materials and coral from the depths of the sea in Alghero.

In 1997 Marina took over the family business and immediately brought a touch of modernity and refinement both in the objects and their bespoke boutique in Alghero.

Caterina Porcu – Oristano based Ceramist.

Based in Oristano the heart of Sardinian Ceramics, Caterina is vibrant, authentic and self-taught. Her design and art are driven by a passion for creating traditional pieces in a modern form.

Using her instinct and experimental style, her range of Raku, Naked Raku and glazing techniques give each piece a unique style of their own.

Isabella Frongia – Weaver, Samugheo Sardinia

Isabella Frongia is the epitome of female led industry and culture linked to the famous textile town of Samugheo.

Growing up amongst the looms, Isabella learned her craft from her mother Usanna and with skill, passion and intuition, opened one of the first workshops in the 1960’s. Since 1995 Isabella with her cousin Annamaria and under the guidance of Usanna, work the laboratory with continued dedication and passion for their craft for which they are famous for.

The team participate in regular exhibitions and trade fairs, and maintain an annual presence at the renowned Sardinian Craft Fair of Samugheo.

Cristian Musiu – Cabras-based photographer.

Hi, I’m Cristian, and I have been a photoholic since I was a kid.

I started taking photos of landscapes, adding portraits and still life to my portfolio and I’ve always strived to further my skill set and explore new techniques. My dream is to turn this passion into a career, share my artistic perspective with others as well as grow as a professional photographer.

I hope I’ll be able to make this dream come true and explore all the new possibilities that photography has to offer.

Silvio Piscedda – Cabras-based Photographer

My passion for photography has deep roots. As a fisherman growing up on an Island I deeply love, I have always enjoyed browsing through family photos.

My passion for photography began during my adolescence when I realized I had no photos of myself as a child.

Meeting a Milanese professional photographer, who was a family friend, in the 80s left an indelible impression on my mind. With the advent of digital technology, I started investing money in increasingly powerful devices to take photos and make videos to share on social media.

Thanks to my passion for photography and videos, I have the opportunity to capture the beauty of my Island and its wonders. My shots have become a way to share my vision of the world and the beauty of the island where I live with others.