Su Ballu Tundu Bowl


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Su Ballu Tundu is a traditional Sardinian design given a modern expression by Master Ceramist Caterina Porcu. The natural ivory glaze and black clay create a monochrome Sardinian dancing scene around the bowl, a beautifully unique centrepiece for any contemporary space.


  • Handmade by the talented Ceramist Caterina Porcu.
  • Handmade in Oristano Sardinia.
  • 28cm (W)

Care Instructions


Charcoal clay Raku finish with Ivory glaze. Perfect to style as a simple vessel. Assortment of sizes available and can be made to customer specifications.

Some variations are expected due to the handmade process and natural firing finishes. All variations to be embraced and are not deemed as a fault.

Not intended for outdoor use.

Watertight vessel

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth

Do not use detergent or chemicals to clean